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    这远远超出艺术范畴。我们想要改变互联网。现在,艺术家、设计师、和创造性工作者可以在互联网上轻松分享信息。但是确保信息私有或得到合理补偿有一定困难。同时,想支持创造者的人没办法得到一个简单的途径。 互联网信息可以随意复制的情况下,该怎么确保你的所有权呢? Ascribe的目的就是让创造者们回归到中心位置。互联网本身就自带关键缺陷,当重新设计已经不实际的情况下,我们可以通过增加覆盖程序来改进它。我们正在建设互联网的所有权覆盖程序。 数字内容有它自己的规则。可以轻松地完美复制它,免费存储它,并以光速传输它。Ascribe给你提供最大限度的所有权。其实现方式是,给你锁定作家身份的工具,设定操作意图和可视化你的作品去向。 我们的任务是,让数字化时代的每个人都能拥有和掌控自己的知识产权。
    his goes way beyond art. We’d like to change the Internet. Today, artists, designers and creative workers can share easily on the Internet, but keeping it as “theirs” with proper attribution or getting fairly compensated has proven difficult. At the same time, people that want to support creators haven’t been presented with a simple way of doing so. How do you “own” something when bits can be copied freely? ascribe was established to put creators back at the center. The Internet was built with a crucial flaw and while a redesign is wildly impractical, we can retrofit it by adding an overlay. We’re building the ownership layer of the Internet. Digital content has its own rules. It can be perfectly and easily copied, stored for free and transmitted at the speed of light. With ascribe you’re offered the closest approximation to ownership possible on the Internet. We do this by giving you the tools to lock in authorship, set the intent and gain visibility into where your work spreads. Our mission: to give everyone the power to own and control their intellectual property in the digital age.
    Masha McConaghy,Bruce Pon,Trent McConaghy
    2015-06-24200万美元种子轮Earlybird Venture Capital, Digital Currency Group, Freelands Ventures, angel investors


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